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26 Cats Who Can't Take A Hint

These cats should never be allowed in a bar, ever.

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1. "Why hello there."


2. "I've been watching you."

3. "Not in a creepy way or anything..."

4. "Y'know, I just like the way you move."

5. "And it's just that, well, you've got that something."

6. "That something I can't look away from."


7. "Because ya look GOOD, y'know?"

8. "Oh, sorry, was that too forward?"

9. "It's just that I see what you've got goin' on."

10. "And I just want you to know that I'm into it."

11. "And, y'know, if you're interested..."


12. "All of this can be yours."

13. "Wait, what's the matter?"

14. "WOAH, where are you going?!"

15. "I was just kidding! Ha ha?"

16. "Okay fine, be that way. Turn all of this lovin' down."


17. "This always happens to me but I know it's just your loss, girl."

18. "But wait, I'm confused. What is it about me you're not into?"

19. "Ohh, I get it now. You've got a boyfriend, right?"

20. "I knew it!"

21. "You must have a boyfriend. Or a husband? Whoever he is, he don't love you like I could if you give me a chance."

22. "But if you aren't spoken for, I don't get why you'd pass this up?"

23. "I'm a great catch and I've got a lot of options, obviously, but I'll wait for that smile on your face, girl."

24. "...Unless, of course, I find someone else in this bar who's more into me than you are."

25. "At which point, you're on your own."


26. "BYE."


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