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    Posted on Oct 3, 2013

    21 Cats Who Are Blaming The Government Shutdown For All Their Problems

    They don't even really know what it is, but that's what politics are all about, right? These cats think so.

    1. This cat doesn't get why his owner dragged him out for a car ride, but he's assuming it has something to do with the government shutdown.

    2. This little guy wants you to know that he will be sitting wherever he pleases because the government is insane and can't tell him what to do.


    3. This cat got so confused he ended up with a bag around his neck. He's confident it's the government's fault somehow.

    4. This cat woke his humans up at 3 a.m. to swat their faces and/or tell them how stressed he is about Congress.

    5. This cat wants you to know that she wouldn't have had so much to drink if she weren't so worried about the shutdown. Therefore, they're to blame.

    6. This cat wants you to know that if she happens to latch onto this human's wrist with her teeth, it will only be out of the concern she feels for the federal government.

    7. This gal wants to know if she should be embarrassed about the mess she just made in her litter box, but maybe that's what being an American is all about now.


    8. This cat doesn't always get riled up about politics, but when she does, she always takes the side of the GOP.

    9. This cat thinks all of this is political stuff is bullshit and is expressing this sentiment through performance art.

    10. And this cat hasn't left the couch in three days... in solidarity with the non-essential government workers out of the job right now.

    11. He may or may not have just taken a dump in the sink, but he wants you to know it's out of anger for the lack of panda cam during the shutdown.

    12. And this cat feels too conflicted about being productive while so many higher-paid congressmen aren't doing their jobs at all.

    13. This cat's scavenging for alternative food sources now that WIC isn't available.

    14. And if she just so happens to destroy her human for the aggressive selfies, she wants you to know it's out of frustration regarding Obamacare.


    15. And all of these cats...

    16. Every last one of them...

    17. Yep, even this one...

    18. ...are prepared to blame Congress for their issues.

    19. Because that's what America's all about, right? Blaming someone else for your inadequacies?

    20. That's how they feel, at least.

    21. Well, all of them except for this kitten. She wants you to know that she's holding everyone accountable for their actions, and she's really not pleased with anything she's seeing.

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