25 Cats That Could Be Having A Better Day

    Sure, go on and laugh it up. These cats will not be joining in.

    1. This cat isn't sure how it all came to this moment, stuck in a sock, but she's definitely not okay with it.

    2. And this guy just sat on a lego.

    3. This cat doesn't know why this outfit is happening, but she wants it to stop.

    4. Same goes for this cat. She's just not okay with the waffle look.

    5. This cat's been trapped for three days. She's lost, she's alone, and she's angry.

    6. This cat doesn't know who dealt it, but she's not okay with having to smell it.

    7. This cat has had enough of your shenanigans.

    8. And this guy doesn't know who/what/where he is anymore, but he knows he doesn't like it.

    9. This cat doesn't know either, but he knows he's sick of being used as a climbing structure by the orange cat.

    10. This kitten isn't happy about the litter in her bed, but she's gonna work it regardless.

    11. And this cat is going to stay very, very still until whatever menacing object is on her head finally moves.

    12. This cat's too broken to care anymore what they've put on him.

    13. This cat just learned what gravity is, and isn't thrilled about it.

    14. This cat doesn't know how many times he has to say it, but he's just not interested in learning the "Thriller" dance.

    15. These guys aren't sure if this is a joke or not.

    Regardless, they're not laughing.

    Not laughing one bit.

    16. This guy doesn't understand the joke you just told, and he doesn't want to. His buddy is supportive of this decision.

    17. This cat doesn't know what this whole "scarf" thing is about, but it needs to stop now.

    18. Nobody infantilizes this cat. Nobody.

    19. This gal TOLD them not to forget the fabric softener, and yet they did once again.

    20. And these guys don't care how festive it looks... these costumes are not comfortable. In fact, they're downright embarrassing.

    21. Same goes for the party hat. Not cool.

    22. Oh, and the winter hat too.

    23. This cat has given up on trying to seem interested in your story.

    24. This cat doesn't care if it's funny, he doesn't want you touching his nose. Ever.

    25. And this cat? He's too busy plotting revenge for past discretions to notice anything else at this point.