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    Bulldogs That Need Some Tough Love

    Sometimes the best way to help is to not help at all. How else will they learn?

    1. You're better than this, Walter, and I'm not going to enable you anymore. Just jump up there yourself.

    2. Listen to me, Mildred. Another man is going to come along, and when he does, he'll appreciate you for YOU. Time to dust yourself off and get back to living.

    3. No one likes a backseat driver, Stan. Seriously, no one.

    4. Oh please, Leonard. The monkey is not that heavy. Stop giving me that face and deal with it.

    5. Elizabeth, I can't make friends for you. Just go and talk to her, for God's sake! She's right there!

    6. Oh, you think Type II Diabetes is a joke or something, Drew? You think dieting and exercise isn't going to help you? Whatever, man. Have fun being obese.

    7. No one thinks you're cool, Rocco. You look desperate and, frankly, it's embarrassing.

    8. What the hell are you doing under there? Do you think this is how to get what you want? Well go sulk somewhere else because I'm sick of this shit, Fran.

    9. Yes, Violet, we all saw you flirting with him. Take a page out of your sister's book and learn some self respect. You look like a fool.

    10. Oh please, your ankle does not hurt that much. You're not even limping! And no, I will not carry you.

    11. Grow up, George. The kid can play with it. Be an adult for once.

    12. This is a new low, Ben. It's two o'clock in the afternoon and you're already wasted! You need help, dude. Enough is enough.