Buddha The Overweight Cat Uses An Underwater Treadmill To Get Fit

The cutest workout routine of all time!

1. This is Buddha. He was surrendered in August to the Metro Animal Care & Control department in Nashville after his human passed away.

2. He’s no ordinary feline, though. No, Buddha is pretty much double the average cat, at least in weight, measuring 31.4 lbs when he was rescued.

3. Penny Adams, volunteer at the Cat Shoppe/Dog Store, is helping this more-to-love lad reach a healthier weight.

4. They started an exercise regimen for Buddha, having him walk on an underwater treadmill!

5. The water helps to relieve Buddha of his own body weight and lowers the impact on his joints. He’s been steadily losing weight since he started his walking habit!

6. The Daily Mail reports, “Chris Achord, owner of the Cat Shoppe, said in August that Buddha had developed a love of human food and would not eat cat food.”

7. Something tells me that might have been a significant factor in Buddha’s portly physique.

8. But, thanks to his new active lifestyle, Buddha’s on the up-and-up!

9. Check out the whole video of Buddha’s workout routine here. Y’know, if you’re interested in investing in an underwater treadmill yourself…

10. In the meantime, best of luck to Buddha and the rest of his friends at the Cat Shoppe!

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