Borys The Bengal Cat And Walter The Greyhound Are The Cutest Best Friends Ever

They say that adopted greyhounds can’t get along with small animals. Oh, were they wrong.

1. Meet Borys and Walter. They’re best friends.

2. Borys is a Bengal Cat.

3. Walter is a greyhound that was rescued from a racetrack in Idaho last year.

The organization through which he was adopted was the Southern Alberta Greyhound Association.

4. Walter had a lot of new things to get used to after he was adopted. Even the hardwood floor was scary for him!

5. But it wasn’t long until he felt comfortable in his new home and was doing just fine.

6. Borys was twelve weeks old when Walter arrived at his home. The two bonded better than their humans could have ever expected, and now they’re inseparable.

7. Sometimes they yawn together.

8. Sometimes they snuggle together.

9. But their true talent lies in napping together.

10. They’re really good at napping.

11. I mean really, just look at them!

12. And when they’re not showing off their napping skills, these two like to go on adventures. Who doesn’t like a good road trip?

13. They enjoy cooking together, too.

14. And, of course, eating together.

15. Sometimes Walter gets a bath, and Borys is there to keep him company.

16. Sometimes Borys tries to clean Walter up himself.

17. Even if Borys gets in huge trouble with the humans, he knows that Walter’s still got his back.

18. After all, what are best friends for?

19. And so we salute Walter and Borys for finding each other and becoming unlikely friends.

20. Not to mention the fact that they’re so goshdarn cute!

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