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    21 Dogs That Have Realized Their Life's Purpose

    Do what you love and f*ck the rest, amirite?

    1. Inside all of us is a talent that we haven't realized. And when we find that talent, our souls come alive.

    This moment is different for everyone. When all the other dogs around you are miserable, you may just discover that your purpose in life has always been to be a banana.

    And when it happens, savor it. Come alive, you beautiful banana, you.

    2. This chihuahua knew from the time she was a young pup that she wanted to be a surgeon.


    The whole no-thumbs thing was a bit of a road bump, but other than that, she's doing great.

    3. This pup knows he's going to be a comedy writer when he grows up. So, obviously, he has a blog.


    I think the blog part went without saying, didn't it?

    4. And this husky realized she had a knack for romance novels. All it took was the right ambiance.


    "Oh, Charles!" she declared. "No one can please me like you do!" -- an excerpt from her novel Covet Thy Neighbor.

    5. While the other dogs were out playing fetch, Bruno knew his destiny: to be a concert pianist.


    And could you please keep it down? He's practicing.

    6. And this dog never did well in school, but when she picks up a guitar? Man, she actually feels alive.


    You should hear her play "Smoke on the Water." Goddamn, it's good.

    7. Arbor the lab will sometimes go for hours doing nothing but painting.


    He's in his element.

    8. And Elsie's had a rough past but finds solace in her art.


    She turns her pain into something powerful and beautiful.

    9. This dog became a dance instructor when he realized his greatest joy came from sharing his gift of salsa dancing with others.

    Is there no greater feeling than sharing your talent with others?

    10. Lucille has her own fashion blog, but what she really wants to do is run Vogue.


    All I can say is: Anna Wintour, watch out.

    11. Morris knows it might not lead to an easy career path, but he can't help it. He wants to be an English major.


    Ah, Morris. So young. So idealistic.

    12. This guy knows it's a long shot, but he's moving to Hollywood to make it big as an actor.


    He just can't imagine himself doing anything else.

    13. Professor Dog always had a mind for numbers. He became an economist and teaches at a university.


    Nobel Prize, here he comes.

    14. This guy always loved digging holes, and he's always wanted to help people. Put the two together, and you've got the best rescue dog ever.


    If you're ever trapped in an avalanche, better hope this guy's there to dig you out.

    15. This pup is an art model and loves to collaborate with artists. This is her "melancholy" look.


    Being nude doesn't bother her at all. She embraces her body and expresses herself.

    16. And this gal always dreamt of being a mom. 15 puppies later, she's never been happier.


    And couldn't be cuter!

    17. After landing the role of Sandy, this dog is living his dream as part of the cast of Annie.


    The sun'll come out tomorrow, and this dog will MAKE IT SHINE.

    18. This dog realized that nothing makes her happier than being one with nature.


    She lives on a commune in Cali because, duh.

    19. This dog knew he wanted to be a death metal singer for as long as he could remember.


    His screams come from the heart.

    20. And this dachshund knows she has a challenge ahead of her given her short legs and all, but what she really wants to do is run track.


    2014 Olympics?

    21. And while he has no idea what he wants to do with his life, this dog is enjoying the journey. He's not afraid to make mistakes, and isn't about to shy away from an adventure.


    Even if it means getting a little dirty along the way.

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