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21 Dogs That Have Realized Their Life's Purpose

Do what you love and f*ck the rest, amirite?

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This moment is different for everyone. When all the other dogs around you are miserable, you may just discover that your purpose in life has always been to be a banana.

4. And this husky realized she had a knack for romance novels. All it took was the right ambiance.


"Oh, Charles!" she declared. "No one can please me like you do!" -- an excerpt from her novel Covet Thy Neighbor.

9. This dog became a dance instructor when he realized his greatest joy came from sharing his gift of salsa dancing with others.

14. This guy always loved digging holes, and he's always wanted to help people. Put the two together, and you've got the best rescue dog ever.

21. And while he has no idea what he wants to do with his life, this dog is enjoying the journey. He's not afraid to make mistakes, and isn't about to shy away from an adventure.

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