Animals Taking Self Portraits

Just because they lack opposable thumbs doesn’t mean they’re not attention whores.

Sometimes cats go Myspace-style with their self portraits.

Really, cat? Arm’s-length selfies? So vain.

Like seriously, cat, get over yourself.

1. And monkeys tend to get a bit cheesy with it.

Really though, if you were this macaque monkey would you let an amateur try to capture your good side? Doubtful.

2. And this puppy? He really needs to work on playing it cool.

3. Sometimes cats use a timer on their camera so they can get their pose just right.

No really, cat. Stop trying so hard.

4. And penguins like to get lined up for a good group shot taken by timer.

5. But just a word to the wise: cats get mad at photobombers.

Really, don’t even try. She doesn’t want you here.

6. And they’re known to go a little overboard with the mirror self portraits.

No, cat! What are you doing?!

7. Though sometimes dogs will join in on your own selfies.

But we all know that he’d prefer to be in the photo alone.

8. And polar bears will grace you with a picture or two.

Now that’s a generous polar bear right there.

9. So I guess we just have to appreciate it when an animal expresses itself artistically.

10. Especially since, at the end of the day, this monkey with a camera is pretty darn cute…

11. And this is pretty darn NOT.

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