9 Reasons Why Animals Need To Keep Going Down Stairs

In the animal world there’s one challenge that tops all others: the stairs.

1. First, let’s start with Butterball, the 7-week-old corgi

Stairs taller than his full height? No match for this guy.

2. Next is Tobey the pug.

At first he’s like no-way-sir but then after a masterful fake-out by his human he reconsiders. Well played, Tobey.

3. Not convinced? Here’s Hamlet the mini pig.

He takes on those stairs (kinda) like a champ.

4. And here’s a great dane puppy doing her best to make it.

Okay, she was admittedly rather dramatic about it, but whatever.

5. And if you’re looking for some originality in style, here’s this cat.

This cat proves that you don’t have to be reluctant to go down some stairs with maximum cuteness.

6. And this kitten? He takes it to the next level: meta stairs cuteness.

Nugget’s got it all, and he’s not bashful about it.

7. And this group of Havanese puppies goes up AND down the stairs.

Now that’s some commitment.

8. STILL not convinced? QUICK! Watch Roxanne the puggle puppy!

Just thinking about going down the stairs is cute enough for her.

9. And finally, the cutest moment ever: mother teaching puppy how to go down the stairs.

If that doesn’t convince you animals need to keep going down stairs, nothing will.

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