17 Animals That Are Not OK With Sweater Weather

One fur coat is enough, thank you very much. This is just embarrassing.

1. This cat is mentally composing the written complaint he’s sending to his modeling agency about this humiliating treatment.

Was the fur hood really necessary? Really?!

2. These dogs are pretty sure they’re the victims of an elaborate joke.

They’re not laughing.

3. This chihuahua’s crying on the inside.

Mostly about the hat, but also everything else.

4. She knows it doesn’t have to be this way, with the hat and the coat.

And she can’t understand why her human insists that it is this way.

5. This dog wants to talk about the fact that she was born with a fur coat for a reason.

The reason? So she doesn’t have to wear sweaters like this one.

6. These dogs want you to know that even if this snow were real, they still wouldn’t want to be wearing these jackets.

7. This dog doesn’t care that it’s plaid. It’s just not okay.

8. And this cat isn’t ready to talk about things yet.

Just know that she’s not happy with the situation.

9. This pug wants you took look her in the eyes and try to make this right.

Because the pain she’s feeling, sitting here in this get-up, that’s real.

10. And this guy wants to know why this is necessary, or even remotely humane.

You can line him up with the stuffed toys, but you’ll ever take away his identity.

11. This pug won’t look at the camera until the jacket is removed. It’s just too embarrassing.

On what planet does this flatter a gal’s figure?!

12. And this cat knows that technically he’s hairless, but that doesn’t mean he should have to wear this monstrosity.

The collar is just torture on his sensibilities.

13. This frenchie is embarrassed to be seen so bundled up.

14. And this pug hopes you know this is a cry for help.

A desperate plea.

15. This puppy is too upset to acknowledge what’s actually going on.

Here’s hoping it’ll all be over soon.

16. And this dog is beyond sad at this point. He’s just angry.

The ears on the hood put him over the edge.

17. And then there’s the IKEA monkey. Lost with only a ridiculous coat to call her own, she is acutely aware of how cruel the world can be.

Two fur coats, yet still so cold. Cold and alone.

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