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14 Pugs That Are Masters Of Disguise

At least I think they're pugs. I'm not sure anymore! NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS.

1. This is a GIF of the Avengers on a couch.... OR IS IT.

2. And here's ET in a basket. Wait, no, maybe not. I CAN'T TELL.

3. Who is that badass soldier in the sidecar? He's so noble! Wait a second...

4. What a cute little wampa! Wait. WAIT. That's not a wampa!

5. Marilyn! You're here! Wait, Marilyn, why isn't your dress fitting right? And why do you have a tail?!

6. Teen wolf? Is that you? You're looking a little... different...

7. Michael Jackson? Are you going to sing "Thriller" for us? Why so quiet, Michael?

8. Is that a snooty undergrad with ugg boots on? I'm not entirely sure.

9. Oh hey there, astronaut! What's it like in space? Astronaut? You're looking a little funny...

10. My, what a strong and intimidating luchador! But... his ears.. they're rather strange...

11. HOLY CRAP IT'S A GIGANTIC SPIDER! Wait, why is it on a leash?

12. OH NO AND HERE'S A GIANT BEE! Run for your lives! ....or don't. Yeah, never mind, I think we're safe.

13. This pirate looks a little... unique....

14. Here comes the heavyweight champion of the -- wait. Wait. No. This is not right.

15. HOLD ON! I FOUND ONE. It's a pug! IT'S A PUG. THIS I am sure of.


I mean, uh, knew it all along...