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14 Mesmerizing GIFs Of Retouched Cat Photos

Proving that perfection is just a myth, and your cat shouldn't feel self-conscious about his flaws! We're all beautiful just the way we are.

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1. Noam Galai, a writer for, said that his friend is a professional photo retoucher, and he does some work on cats. He provided these GIFs demonstrating the truth behind those stunning feline photos you see and compare yourself to.

2. Remember to go home and tell your kitten tonight that she's still beautiful, even if she does have some chin whiskers and a pointy head.

3. And even if your cat is a little lopsided or has dark eyes, tell her she is loved.

4. Because even the cat models out there have flaws! NO ONE IS PERFECT.

5. This so-called ideal is unattainable. Even the cats in the magazines don't look like the cats in the magazines!

6. Your kitten's flaws are what make her unique.

7. And if you're not unique, you're pretty much boring.

8. Even that crooked tail that you've tried so hard to straighten out? It's part of what makes you special.

9. Don't let anyone tell you that extra fuzz on your ears should be removed. It's beautiful!

10. Same goes for those distinguished eyebrows!

11. (Seriously though, what's up with the eyebrow removal?)

12. So stand up tall. Be bold, be strong, and know that you are perfect, no matter what the magazines say.

13. You are YOU. No one can take that away from you!

14. Right down to that adorable white spot on your nose.

Thanks to Chelsea Reil for the tip!

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