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12 Fashion Tips From French Bulldogs

Less is more, bright is better, and socks are pretty awesome.

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1. Pickles knows bright colors are in this season. This bright sundress is flirty and fun for the warm months ahead.

2. And Louie knows the key to livening up your wardrobe for summer is fun accessories. A bright scarf can liven up any outfit (or you can go nude, as Louie has chosen to do).

3. If you ever run into Lily, chances are she'll be working out in one of her favorite hoodies. "They're just so versatile and, most importantly, comfortable," she said.

4. Whereas Trotter tends to keep her workout attire minimal with just a sweatband and wristbands.

5. This gal is known to get a little crazy in the off time, and likes to stay casually chic. "A bright and cozy hoodie is all you need."

6. Olive's fashion motto is: "When in doubt, add teeth to it. And sparkles. And gigantic eyeballs." Olive is still young.

7. Moddii keeps it business casual for special events. Y'know, to show he cares, but not TOO much.

8. This young man thought a bow-tie would be a good idea. Bow-ties are rarely a good idea, but he pulls it off well. "I just try to have fun with my style," he said.

9. And this individual immediately regretted agreeing to the bunny costume, even if it meant she got a carrot-esque treat as a reward.

Her regret was especially apparent after her human tried to take away the treat.

10. And this guy wants you to know that the hot dog costume was not his idea. Not his idea at ALL. "The key to fashion is to feel comfortable. This? This is humiliating," he said.

11. And Winnie wants you to know that there's a time and a place for footwear, and this is not it.

12. But this gal? She doesn't care at all about fashion. She just really, really likes her pink socks.

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