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    9 Reasons Why You Want Stefon To Be Your Best Friend

    He's more than just the best tour guide in New York City.

    1. He knows how to have a good time.

    2. No really, he does.

    Even if it means getting a bit offensive.

    3. He has some great moves.

    4. He has an endless supply of hot spots to go to.

    5. He comes from a great family.

    6. He's into charity.

    7. And he cares about your health.

    8. And, perhaps the best reason of all: Stefon is the one character Bill Hader can't play without laughing uncontrollably.

    And there's something awesome about a SNL star breaking character right in front of you.

    He even admits it.

    9. So you just have to admit: Stefon is the best. And everyone wants him as a best friend.