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    24 Truths All Writers And Authors Know

    A synopsis? You want me to summarize my entire novel IN ONE PAGE???

    1. Caffeine means everything to you.


    2. You spend more time writing than you do at school or work.

    3. You’ve edited your book so much you could probably quote it by heart.

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    4. You can’t stand those, “I’m a writer, but I don’t do any writing” types.


    5. Everyone in your life is afraid of being in your next novel.


    6. Especially after what happened in the LAST ONE!!!

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    7. You spend almost as much time writing as you do procrastinating writing.


    8. You've stayed up all night finishing your first draft or trying to make your deadline.

    9. Your boss is going to fire you, or your teacher fail you, if they catch you writing again.

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    10. But at the same time, you couldn't really care less.


    11. The carpal tunnel. THE CARPAL TUNNEL BURNS!!!

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    12. Your family complains that they never see you, but they just can't see the depths of your literary vision.

    13. You find the expectations that agents and publishing companies have to be quite ridiculous.


    14. You’re on the third novel in your series, even though the first one has yet to be sold.


    15. Your characters are closer to you than your friends are. After all, you made them up!

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    16. You’re constantly daydreaming of how to wreck said characters' lives and make them miserable, all to further the plot.


    17. You wish that your imaginary world was the world you live in, and eventually, it starts looking like it more and more.


    18. You’re 90% sure that if you were evaluated by a psychologist, you’d be committed in a NaNoWriMo minute.


    19. You failed your math exam, but you finished editing your book! Who needs a degree anyway when you’re a starving artist?

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    20. You’ve been rejected by publishing companies so many times that now it’s starting to be slightly funny. After the tears stop pouring out of your eyes, of course.

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    21. When you’ve considered exchanging your first born for a publishing contract, you know you’re getting desperate.

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    22. But you know the first time someone reads your work, it's all going to be worth it.

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    23. Because all writers ever want to do is to change the world, and one day, you’re going to :)


    24. So don't ever, ever give up.