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Makeup Tips: Brand Vs. Generic

What makeup are you wasting money on? Here's a look into every category and whether or not it's worth it to buy brand.

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Brand or Generic?: Generic

Why? Every tube of mascara promises to give you longer, darker lashes for bigger, prettier eyes. The truth is, they're all doing the same thing.

Mascara functions as a dye for your eyelashes, and $40 dye isn't doing a whole lot more than the $7 stuff. The real difference here is the brush: buy a brush that works for you and use it on any tube to perfect your lashes.


Brand or Generic? Brand

Why? Everyone who grew up trying to brush on those fake Barbie palettes knows that there's a real difference between good and bad eyeshadow.

It's worth spending the extra money to get that Urban Decay Naked Palette because it'll last longer, match your skin, and it won't clump like the cheap stuff. Plus, $50 now will save you the money you'd spend replenishing the generic palettes.


Brand or Generic? Generic

Why? Just like mascara, eyeliner can be really simple and still do the trick.

Whether you prefer pens or liquid, the key to good eyeliner is in its application, not in the product itself. If you can master the cat eye, your liner will look good no matter how much you spend on it.

Eyebrow enhancer

Brand or Generic? Brand

Why? With eyebrows, color is key. As a light-haired girl, I've always had difficulties with finding the perfect shade that actually looks natural. Most generic brands have very limited color options, and this isn't the kind of thing where you can just pick "brown."

Plus, most brand enhancers come with pencils and liquid brushes so you can fill and shape your brows at the same time.


Brand or Generic? Both

Why? I find I love having cheap, generic lipstick that I can put in my purse in case of emergency. For bigger nights, though, it's better to use the reliable brands.

Lipstick is the kind of thing that you can't have too much of, so buy crazier colors when they're cheap and have a few solid brand tubes to fall back on.


Brand or Generic? Generic

Why? As long as your taking care of your skin in other aspects, there's no need to spend more than $20 on foundation and cover up.

Generic foundations come in a huge variety of tones and they're made to blend into your skin. It may take a bit to find your perfect product, but it's worth a little trial and error to find a go-to $10-15 tube instead of relying on expensive makeup counters.

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