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5 Reasons Why The Hair Tapestry Trend Is Here To Stay

This summer, instead of feathers and dreads, music festival attendees have been weaving string into their hair. The colorful trend has become viral, and it's not planning on stopping any time soon, thanks to these 5 benefits of "the new weave."

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1. They're less work than basically every other hairdo

Unless you go completely gung-ho and make yourself a head blanket, the simple practicing of stitching some embroidery floss through a loom is easy enough to be part of "arts and crafts" time at summer camp.

2. You can change colors easily

Ever since the age-old "what's your favorite color?" question was posed to us, we've had that weird desire to use our preferred section of the rainbow to somehow define ourselves. Now you can wear your heart on your head without having to bleach and ruin your hair.

Or, for simpler reasons, you can match your tapestry to clothing (for those of us who aren't philosophical about color choices.)

5. There are pretty much infinite possibilities

Designs, colors, shapes, etc. You can do it all. There's styles for the more radical hair lovers, and some simpler ones that can easily be removed before work the next morning.

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