12 Things All Stage Managers Understand

As a stage manager on any level from high school to professional, you can all relate.

1. You get overly excited.

Especially when you have to go to Staples or Office Max for any type of supplies.

2. A new package of highlighters is the best thing ever and no one understands this but you.

3. You are possessive of any writing utensil and hate lending them to others.

You know there is a high chance you won’t get it back.

4. You’re used to people yelling your name all the time during rehearsal.

You start to hear your name being yelled in your sleep and it haunts you at night.

5. You are tired of telling the cast to be quiet backstage.

6. When you get a new script and it’s so neat and clean…

… but you know after the first blocking rehearsal it will get marked up quickly.

7. When people are in your way backstage…

…you wish you could do this.

8. People think you know everything.

Includes knowing where anything and everything is at all times (and you secretly do.)

9. You always seem to be the one lugging the most things to rehearsals.

10. You can’t believe it when a director texts you back in a timely manner.

And they to your important question? You are instantly happy!

11. Don’t touch the props!

Don’t eat the props!

12. There can never be enough room backstage.


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