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    12 Signs You're Completely Obsessed With Wawa

    Because you know it's more than just a gas station. So much more.

    1. You have Hoagiefest marked on your calendar.

    And know you're on an all-hoagie diet during those eight weeks.

    NBC / Via

    2. When you walk in and it's $1 coffee day.

    Any. Size. You. Want.

    3. You and your friend arguing Sheetz vs. Wawa.

    NBC / Via

    4. You like, really, really, really love milkshakes.

    Like f'real.

    5. You can operate the hoagie ordering touchscreen without even looking.

    And you know exactly how long it will take from first touch to receipt (6.8 seconds, NBD).

    6. When Mitt Romney called it "Wawas"

    Disney / Via

    And he wouldn't stop.

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    7. Wawa Gift Cards for your birthday? And you can use them on gas AND sandwiches?!

    8. You prefer the Gobbler over your mother's home cooked turkey.

    And who can blame you? Just look at it.

    9. You have the gas pump soundtrack memorized.

    NBC / Via

    But wonder why they are always playing Love Shack?

    10. Your blood is made of 20% cells and 80% Wawa Lemonade Tea.

    11. When someone asks "Isn't Wawa just a gas station?" You respond:

    12. Then they say " it's the same as 7-11?" and you can't even deal.

    NBC / Via

    Don't worry, you're not alone.

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