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    People Are Sharing The Worst Things They've Had To Do For Work, And It's Eye-Opening

    "It was so bad. I threw up twice, and my wife wouldn't even get near me for two days."

    They say that if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. But there are also tons of jobs that need to get done that, to put it lightly, seem not so easy to love.

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    So recently, a redditor asked people to share the worst things they've ever had to do for work, and the horror stories started flooding in. Maybe don't eat anything while you read through these top comments:

    1. "I agreed to help out and shear some alpacas...without being warned about their spit. Well, I was 'warned' to 'be careful; they can spit,' but I just laughed it off. I wasn't warned about how absolutely AWFUL it is."

    herd of alpacas
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    "Needless to say they don't like being sheared much and got a little spitty. Got a few 'warning' saliva spits the first few times, wiped it off, and kind of laughed...but then one gave me the Real Deal. The green defensive spit.

    It stunk like you wouldn't believe, and there is nothing that gets it off. I felt lightheaded for what felt like an hour. I could barely stand to inhale without wanting to pass out."


    2. "I lasted three weeks working at a fast-food restaurant. It was my job, at closing time, to stand in a little closet area and wash off the broiler hood. Gobs of grease everywhere."

    "They hooked up a garden hose directly to a water heater to provide hot water to spray off the grease. The spray nozzle was metal. The greasy floor was sloped toward the drain. I had to squat down on the floor in there, too-hot spray nozzle in one hand, still-hot broiler shroud in the other, while my shoes made me slowly slide toward the drain. Every few seconds I had to waddle a few steps backward."


    3. "Telesales. Specifically, the GPS trackers that people put in their cars (or more realistically, their spouse's cars). I worked selling renewals (it was a subscription-based service). The amount of times a day that I heard, 'Oh no thanks, I got the information I needed. They were cheating on me,' was depressing."


    4. "Worked at a dry dogfood processing plant in the sanitation crew. One of the dirtiest jobs there was out in the truck bay where the corn was unloaded. The corn was dumped through a grate in the floor into a pit and then carried by an auger to the storage silos or out to the plant. This pit and auger had to be cleaned twice a week."

    Person giving a dog a treat
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    "Water that dripped from the trucks would collect in the pit mixed with the field corn and begin to rot. This attracted flies, which produced maggots — tens of thousands of them, sometimes ankle deep.

    The smell of the rotten corn, which smelled like pure ammonia coupled with the writhing masses of maggots, was something straight out of a horror movie for me. Worst two years of my life."


    5. "I put ads on porn sites that didn't actually lead to any sexy singles in the area."


    6. "I'm a vet tech's assistant, so I have to express dog anal glands almost every day. I still hate it just as much as on day one."


    7. "Writing fake Yelp reviews. I posted five-star reviews, got my payment, and then turned around and edited them all to say the truth. I was expecting that my account would be cancelled, but funny thing was, those truthful reviews ('X company paid me to give five stars, but I've never actually used them, so here's one star instead') stayed up on everyone's profiles for over a decade!"

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    8. "I was a cleaner in a porn cinema. Part of my job was wiping the dried sperm off the seats."


    9. "Cleaning up debris after Hurricane Katrina. Thank God I had all my shots because my foot took more nails than a bulletin board. Went around to different neighborhoods to help. Saw a lot of strange stuff."


    10. "I used to work at a Bass Pro Shops (hunting/fishing/outdoorsy store), and some jerk of a teen came in one day and broke a bottle of fox urine on the floor and ran out. I'm guessing it was intentional."

    Tiny fox standing on a tree root
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    "We had to evacuate and close off the whole half of the floor, and I lost at Rock Paper Scissors to two people and had to clean it up. It was so bad. I threw up twice, and my wife wouldn't even get near me for two days. Can't believe we sold that stuff or that people willingly buy it."


    11. "Cleaning hotel rooms: broken beer bottles, blood, shit, vomit, had to wear double-layer gloves."


    12. "Working at a liquor store. Seemed OK at first, got a good discount, and my coworkers were decent. But then you realize how dangerous and soul crushing it is. Not only are you dealing with petty theft on a daily basis, and also getting screamed at for asking for ID, or threatened with weapons, but you also see the dark side of alcohol all the time."

    "People so addicted they can't do anything without it. Some of the regulars you get to know well and most are nice people, but they spend thousands of dollars a month on poison, and you are enabling them to do it, and you have to if you want to keep your job. That's the soul-crushing part of it, and it can quickly make you become an alcoholic too. It's hard when it's all around you all the time."


    13. "Worked at a pig slaughter plant, installing robots so they could kill more pigs in less time. Got the full experience while the facility was operating, from blood collection to final packing. Still can't eat bacon and not think about it..."

    Bacon and eggs cooking in a cast iron skillet
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    14. "Scrubbed out the inside of a dumpster for a restaurant where I washed dishes. One of the other dishwashers refused to tie off their trash bags, so the bottom was full of rotten, maggot-infested meat. I ended up dumping a bunch of bleach and using a snow shovel blade to scrape it all up. The owners asked me to clean the dumpster because of the smell. I didn't work there too much longer."


    15. "In college, me and one other guy were hired to do some landscaping at an apartment complex. They ordered many truckloads of stone and had us move it all via wheelbarrow and shovel. A bobcat would have made sense but was not an option. Many years later, I'm still feeling that in my lower back."


    16. "Third shift at a gas station next to the highway. It was minimum wage, and they only ever had one staff person working. On day one, there was blood all over the ceiling of the men's bathroom. Then it was robbed a few times. I made it two years. IDK why I stayed that long."

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    17. And finally, "I was a porn sorter for a major (at the time) site. I had a long checklist of every possible sex action and descriptor, and god help me if I missed something and there was a complaint. It was not the fun gig that it might sound like."


    Note: Comments have been edited for length and clarity.

    Now it's your turn. Tell us about the worst thing you've had to do at work in the comments!

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