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When Did You Realize Your Work Friend Was Actually, In Fact, Your Work Spouse?

When she saved my favorite donut just for me...

Working with people you actually enjoy being around can make even the dullest days feel brighter. And sometimes, casual work friendships can deepen into the ultimate professional bond: the work spouse.

So if you have a work wife or work husband, I want to know, when did you realize your relationship had ascended to the next level?

Maybe your friendship grew gradually as you worked together closely every day. Over time, you started to share little inside jokes and talk about what was going on in your lives. Now, you can't imagine clocking in without seeing their face, but you knew they were really special when they stood up for you when your boss was ripping you a new one over something you had nothing to do with.

Or perhaps you didn't really even know each other until you randomly got assigned to work on a project together. Over the course of a few weeks, you realized that you have a lot of similar interests and now you're always finishing each others' sentences. And the moment when you knew they really cared was when they went on a vacation near where you grew up and brought back a nostalgic treat that you loved as a kid.

Or maybe you were trapped in an extremely pointless yet never ending meeting from hell, but everyone else seemed weirdly into it. You were starting to doubt the nature of reality when you locked eyes with your now-work-spouse, saw that they were also totally spiraling, and you've been fast friends ever since. You're constantly DM-ing them rants that start with, "Is it just me, or..." and they always totally get it, which makes you feel less alone.

Tell us how you bonded with your work spouse in the comments below or via this anonymous form, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.