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Tell Us About The Work Or Money Situation In Your Life That You're Not Really Sure How To Handle

Don't be shy!

Hi, I'm Megan. I'm the Personal Finance Editor here at BuzzFeed, and I've been writing about work and money for about six years.

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But before I started writing about personal finance, I made plenty of money mistakes and learned a lot the hard way (which sucked!!!). Now I love sharing all the stuff I've learned, interviewing experts to find out even more, and being the pal in the friend group that people turn to for work and money advice.

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So I'm starting a new advice column where you can send in your completely anonymous questions about work and money. Whether you have a complicated situation that you need help unraveling or a question that you're just too embarrassed to ask anyone IRL, this is a judgement-free place for us all to learn together.

For example, maybe you have two job offers and you're not sure which one is better. Write in to me and tell me all about the positions, the salaries, benefits, and perks, and I'll do my own breakdown of the pros and cons of each role, plus get an expert opinion to help you make the best decision for you.

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Or perhaps you have a money question that you're not sure how to answer on your own. For example, you keep seeing headlines that say a recession is on the way and you're wondering if you should reduce your 401(k) contributions because the market's down. Write in and tell me about your current salary and contributions, and I'll help you get your head around what's going on in the news and get some tips for you from a financial planner.

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Or maybe you're having a financial disagreement with someone, like a partner. You're talking about moving in together but can't seem to get on the same page about what would be a fair way to split the bills. Write in and tell me about your incomes, expenses, and any other factors in the argument, and I'll give you my thoughts and some pointers for resolving the conflict.

If you'd like to get some advice about a work or money question, write in to me via this Google form and your question could be answered in an upcoming post.