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If You're A Woman Who Makes More Money Than Your Male S.O., We Want To Hear From You

Is it A Thing, or is it really no big deal?

A lot of people *think* that men get turned off, intimidated, emasculated, or otherwise bummed out when their wives or girlfriends bring home more money than them. But, like, women have been making big career moves for decades at this point, and it's really not that unusual anymore for women to have high-paying jobs. Plus, it's really common for couples to need two incomes to get by these days.

So if you're a woman who earns more than the man in your life, I'm genuinely curious: what's it like for you?

Maybe when you finally landed your dream job, your husband needed a little bit of time to wrap his head around being married to such an absolute boss. But now, he's super supportive and cheers you on every step of the way. After all, when you win, he wins too.

Or perhaps your boyfriend got butthurt when he found out you make more than him. You try not to flaunt it, but you still get into fights sometimes, like when he criticized your latest online shopping haul or minimized how hard you work for what you've got.

Or maybe your income has truly never been an issue in your relationship. Sure, it's come up, like when you're planning a weekend getaway or figuring out how to split bills, but your guy really couldn't care less who makes more. Instead, you're both more focused on building a great life together.

So now, I wanna hear from you! Tell me about your experiences in the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.