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    We Want To Know Which TV Shows Or Movies Give You A Raging Case Of Apartment Envy

    Just here watching "You" to drool over Joe's London flat...

    Has a TV show or movie ever broken your heart by showing you an absolutely flawless living space that you will most likely never, ever have? This is precisely how I've been feeling while watching season four of You on Netflix.

    Joe looking out the window

    I mean, who wouldn't want to go strolling around this neighborhood?

    Joe walking on a cobblestone street outside his building

    And inside, there's beautiful wood, art everywhere, and built-in bookcases!

    Look at this kitchen!

    Joe making espresso in his kitchen

    Did this place come furnished???

    Joe sitting on his sofa

    Aside from, you know, the murder or whatever, this place is pretty perfect, and it got me thinking about other homes in TV and movies that spark envy. So now I want to hear from you: what's a fictional home that you really, really wish was yours?

    Maybe you've long coveted a TV classic, like The Golden Girls colorful Miami dream home which would be just right to share with your besties:

    Or perhaps you have a home crush on a spot from a more recent show, like The Watcher. Even if someone is always watching, it's still a gorgeous house:

    Tell me which fictional home makes you jealous for real in the comments below or via this anonymous form, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.