15 Places In The US Where A Two-Bedroom Apartment Costs Less Than A One-Bedroom

    Plus the 15 cities where it costs the most to upgrade your space.

    Rents have been on the rise in 2021, but in some smaller cities, one-bedroom apartment rents in particular have soared so high that it's actually a little bit (or a lotta bit) cheaper to spring for a two-bedroom. Meanwhile, in major cities, rents are up across the board.

    Apartment for rent sign on a building in San Francisco

    Here are 15 US cities where you can actually save by upgrading to a two-bedroom:

    Average rents are based on data collected from July 2020 to July 2021.

    1. St. Petersburg, Florida

    Trolley on the streets of Saint Petersburg

    2. Ames, Iowa

    Farmland outside of Ames

    3. Leesburg, Virginia

    Historical courthouse in Leesburg, VA

    4. Auburn, Alabama

    Auburn University building

    5. Fresno, California

    Fresno skyline

    6. Portsmouth, Virginia

    Homes on the waterfront in Portsmouth

    7. Bakersfield, California

    Buildings in downtown Bakersfield

    8. Upland, California

    Library building in Upland

    9. Green Bay, Wisconsin

    View of downtown Green Bay

    10. Greenville, North Carolina

    Apartment buildings on the waterfront in Greenville

    11. Waco, Texas

    Suspension bridge in Waco

    12. Syracuse, New York

    Bell tower at Crouse College in Syracuse

    13. Rancho Cordova, California

    Swimming area at a Rancho Cordova lake

    14. Ventura, California

    Aerial view of Ventura sitting right beside the beach

    15. Temecula, California

    View of vineyards in Temecula

    And here are 15 cities where upgrading to a two-bedroom apartment instead of a one-bedroom will cost you the most:

    Average rents are based on data collected from July 2020 to July 2021.

    16. Oakland, California

    Oakland skyline at sunrise

    17. Medford, Massachusetts

    Brick buildings and a foot bridge in Medford

    18. White Plains, New York

    19. Jersey City, New Jersey

    view of Jersey City on the waterfront

    20. San Francisco, California

    Fog rolling in to San Francisco skyscrapers with the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance

    21. Alhambra, California

    Aerial view of Alhambra

    22. Evanston, Illinois

    Downtown Evanston with the Chicago skyline in the distance

    23. Boston, Massachusetts

    Skyscrapers in Boston

    24. Palo Alto, California

    Buildings in downtown Palo Alto

    25. Camarillo, California

    Street lined with palm trees in Camarillo

    26. Bellevue, Washington

    Aerial view of skyscrapers in downtown Bellevue

    27. Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles skyline seen through a row of palm trees

    28. Santa Monica, California

    Highway running alongside the beach in Santa Monica

    29. New York, New York

    View of fifth avenue in Manhattan

    30. Berkeley, California

    Students walking through the gateway to UC Berkeley's campus

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