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    Here's My Ranking Of Which Streaming TV Subscriptions Are Actually Worth It And Which Ones I'll Never Buy

    Because it would cost waaaay too much to subscribe to them all.

    I love watching too much TV, but I also love watching my budget, so I'm constantly changing up my streaming subscriptions. There are so many TV streamers to choose from, but as a non-rich person, I simply can't subscribe to all of them all the time.

    To rank the biggest TV streamers from not-that-worth-it to worth-every-penny, I looked at pricing, bundling options, the number of simultaneous streams, and, of course, the content. IMO, a streaming service is only as "worth it" as the time you'll spend watching it, so I weighed the currently available content verrrry heavily as I created my ranking.

    person holding a remote

    So without further ado, here is my very honest (and extremely subjective) ranking of streaming services from meh, not worth my money to OMG can't live without it:

    Honorable Mention: Kanopy

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    @kanopy / Via Twitter: @Kanopy

    I can't make this list without at least mentioning Kanopy, even though cost isn't a factor when it comes to this streamer. In fact, Kanopy is100% free to use if you're a member of a participating library.

    You get 10 play credits a month which you can use to stream content including classic films, PBS documentaries, and arty movies like the A24 roster — plus, you get unlimited streams for kids content. Having fun is truly not hard when you have a library card.

    11. fuboTV

    @fubotv / Via Twitter: @fuboTV

    Pricing: Plans start at $69.99/month, and they also offer a Spanish-language-only package at $33/month

    Simultaneous Streams: 2

    Features: Live TV cable-style plus DVR

    My Review: As a budget-conscious girlie, I'm just not that into cable-style services, so they're all at the bottom of my list. I prefer to pick and choose a few channels that I'm very interested in rather than paying a big chunk of cash every month for a lot of stuff that I'm not going to watch. I've ranked fuboTV last out of the cable-style streamers only because it costs the most and it's very sports focused.

    To be fair to fuboTV, they do offer a ton of channels (262 available in my area), and I could see this kind of service being a better fit for a sports fan or a larger family with more varied tastes. It really does have something for everyone; it's just not my cup of tea.

    10. YouTube TV

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    @youtubetv / Via Twitter: @YouTubeTV

    Pricing: $64.99

    Simultaneous Streams: 3

    Features: Live TV cable-style plus DVR and on-demand streaming

    My Review: YouTube TV has over 80 channels, so it definitely compares to classic cable. It's a spot above fuboTV in my book, only because it costs a little less and offers a free trial period. Who doesn't love a free trial?

    9. Sling TV

    Another weekend. Another Sling freeview😎 Check your guide and enjoy all Epix has to offer. Here’s what to watch:

    @sling / Via Twitter: @Sling

    Pricing: Two different channel packs at $35/month or all the channels for $50/month

    Simultaneous Streams: 1 to 3

    Features: Live TV cable-style plus DVR and on-demand streaming

    My Review: Sling TV's channel packs set it apart from the other cable-style streamers in my opinion. You can choose between the Orange pack, which includes sports and family channels, the Blue pack, which is more news and entertainment oriented, or spring for the combo with all the channels.

    If I absolutely had to have live TV for some reason, this is the service I'd go for to get a more customizable and affordable deal.

    8. Disney+

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    @disneyplus / Via Twitter: @disneyplus

    Pricing: $7.99/month on its own or $19.99/month for a bundle with Hulu and ESPN+

    Simultaneous Streams: 4

    Features: On-demand streaming

    My Review: I apologize in advance to the Disney adults, Marvel stans, and Star Wars people reading this, but there's just not a lot of stuff here that I personally want to watch on a regular basis.

    I briefly subscribed once to marathon old Simpsons seasons and check out the Beatles documentary Get Back, but other than that, I don't have much use for Disney+. However, if I liked the content, the price would be right, so it's not at the bottom of the list for me.

    7. Prime Video

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    @papergirlspv / Via Twitter: @PaperGirlsPV

    Pricing: Included with Amazon Prime at $14.99/month

    Simultaneous Streams: 3

    Features: Live channels and on-demand streaming

    My Review: Prime has tons of movies and TV shows from all over the map, plus a couple great original series like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Fleabag. And it has an adaptation of one of my favorite comics Paper Girls coming out at the end of the month (check it out if you're craving more Stranger Things-style '80s vibes).

    If you're already subscribed to Prime, Prime Video is a great value and a no-brainer, but I probably wouldn't sign up for it based on content alone. It has fewer original series that I'm excited about than other streamers do, and I can watch all of the other content it offers on other platforms.

    6. Apple TV+

    Congratulations to the entire Apple TV+ team on their 52 Emmy Nominations. #Emmys

    @appletvplus / Via Twitter: @AppleTVPlus

    Pricing: $4.99

    Simultaneous Streams: 6

    Features: On-demand streaming

    My Review: There's not a ton of content on Apple TV+, but it's all exclusive to the platform, and I have to say that everything I've watched here has been really enjoyable. It's got Severance, which is like a Black Mirror plusThe Office hybrid and my favorite show of the year, the sweet soccer comedy Ted Lasso, and the musical series Schmigadoon!

    So even though Apple TV+ has less content to choose from, I think the quality makes up for the smaller selection. At $4.99 a month, it feels well-priced, but you might run out of stuff you want to watch after a few months.

    5. Paramount+

    Did you mean: never-ending entertainment? 😉 Stream all the fun on Paramount+!

    @paramountplus / Via Twitter: @paramountplus

    Pricing: $4.99/month with ads, $9.99/month ad-free

    Simultaneous Streams: 3

    Features: Live channels and on-demand streaming

    My Review: As long as Paramount+ is home to RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, it will be guaranteed my money whenever the show is running. But it has lots of other stuff to offer, too.

    Paramount+ also has shows from channels like Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon, plus originals like The Twilight Zone and a great selection of movies. However, I find that when the Drag Race season ends, I tend to stop coming back to this platform, so it's more of a seasonal thing for me.

    4. Peacock

    We also have more than 245 minutes of extra footage for Season 5's Superfan episodes. But who's counting?

    @peacocktv / Via Twitter: @peacockTV

    Pricing: Free for limited content, $4.99/month for all content with ads, and $9.99/month ad-free

    Simultaneous Streams: 3

    Features: Live channels and on-demand streaming

    My Review: If you like a good sitcom (which I do), Peacock is a really great value. It's NBC's streamer, so it comes with all their classic shows like The Office, Community, and Cheers. It also has a lot of movies, true crime, and reality shows like Top Chef.

    You can watch plenty of content for free, which I obviously love, but if you upgrade to a paid subscription, you unlock exclusive series like Killing It, Bust Down, and Rutherford Falls that are smart, funny, and totally worth the $4.99 price of admission.

    3. Netflix

    Squid Game is the first non-English language series to be Emmy nominated for Outstanding Drama — stars Lee Jung-jae, Jung Ho-yeon, Park Hae-soo, and Oh Young-soo also received Emmy nominations for their incredible performances!

    @netflix / Via Twitter: @netflix

    Pricing: $9.99/month to stream on one screen, $15.99/month for two screens, or $19.99/month for four screens

    Simultaneous Streams: 1 to 4

    Features: On-demand streaming

    My Review: Um, you know about Netflix, right? It's the OG TV streaming service that used to mail you DVDs, and sometimes, you would lose them and it was very stressful. Well, they've dominated the streaming game for a long time, and Netflix shows like Stranger Things, Bridgerton, and Squid Game have a way of blowing up and absolutely dominating our social media feeds.

    To me, Netflix is still one of the best in the business, especially when it comes to all of the great international shows they have to offer (the German series Dark is especially mind-blowing). However, I've found myself spending less time with Netflix lately than with the next two streamers on the list, so it doesn't quite make it to the top spot for me.

    2. Hulu

    This is what the inside of my brain looks like perpetually. What should I watch next?

    @hulu / Via Twitter: @hulu

    Pricing: $6.99/month with ads, $12.99/month ad-free, $19.99/month for the Disney bundle with ESPN+, or $69.99/month for live TV and the Disney bundle

    Simultaneous Streams: 2

    Features: On-demand streaming, live TV cable-style available as an upgrade

    My Review: Hulu is so much more affordable than traditional cable, as long as you don't mind waiting an extra day for new episodes to air. It has FX shows like The Bear (yes chef!) and a really nicely curated movie selection (love the '90s binge category). It also has some great original series like The Dropout and Only Murders in the Building.

    Pricing-wise, you can really choose your own adventure with Hulu, and that makes it a little easier to fit it into the budget. Since Hulu is so customizable and truly contains multitudes, I've gotta give it the number two spot.

    1. HBO Max

    Congratulations to all our incredible #Emmys2022 nominees. HBO and Max Originals earned a total of 140 nominations, the most of any network or platform.

    @hbomax / Via Twitter: @hbomax

    Pricing: $9.99/month with ads, $14.99/month ad-free

    Simultaneous Streams: 3

    Features: On-demand streaming

    My Review: HBO Max may have the worst website, but it's still the GOAT of streaming TV in my house. It's got all the hot HBO shows like Barry and Succession, tons of movies and stand-up comedy specials, binge-worthy documentaries like The Vow, and originals like Hacks and Made for Love.

    Aaaand it has Turner Classic Movies for when I miss watching old movies with my mom, Studio Ghibli movies for when I'm sad, and Adult Swim for when I need a really weird laugh. For everything you get, the price feels right, and it's definitely the TV streamer that I find myself spending the most time with.

    If I had to choose just one streamer, it would be HBO Max, no doubt about it.

    What's your favorite streaming service? Tell me which one and why I'm wrong in the comments.