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If You Graduated During The 2008 Recession, Share Your Best Advice For People Graduating This Year

From starting a career to student loans, please don't hold back.

Graduation is always an exciting and somewhat uncertain time. Leaving school behind and starting your career is a huge change, and it can def be nerve-wracking, even during "normal times." And for those students who graduate in the midst of a big world event — like a recession or pandemic — this time can be extra intense and confusing.

So if you graduated during the Great Recession, I'm really curious to know what advice you would give to the classes of 2020 and 2021.

Maybe you'd tell them that if it's hard to find jobs in the field they studied, it's okay to change plans and take on a temp role or try something else. You can always do volunteer work or a side hustle to keep up your skills and knowledge.

Or perhaps you would warn them not to wait until their first student loan payment is due to start paying them off. Many loans come with a six-month grace period after graduation, which can be a great time to start chipping away at your debt.

Or maybe you'd tell them not to beat themselves up if they need to move back home or delay moving out on their own for a while. Getting out on your own is never easy, especially during tough times, so it's okay if it takes longer than you planned to get on your feet.

Share your best advice for new grads in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.