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Tell Us What You Wish You'd Learned About Money When You Were In High School

So many lessons about mitochondria and quadratic equations, but NOTHING about credit scores...

This week, Florida became the latest (and biggest) state to pass a law requiring personal finance education in high school. And as someone who often wishes I'd learned more about money sooner, I think this is fantastic news.

Hearing about this legislation made me curious to know what you wish you'd learned about money in high school, and what you think these classes should cover.

Maybe you've only recently wrapped your head around all the intricacies of credit scores and wish that someone had explained them to you when you were a teen. Our credit scores can affect where we're able to live, how much we pay for insurance, and even impact our ability to get certain jobs, so it's kinda messed up that many of us end up learning about them the hard way.

Or perhaps you wish that your high school had talked a bit more about how student loans and interest can add up. When you were in school, you felt a lot of pressure to go to college and take out loans, but you didn't really understand how much the monthly payments were going to be later. If you had gotten more information, you think you would have made different choices.

Or maybe you wish that you'd learned more about how to set up a realistic budget and then actually stick to it. Planning ahead for bills and figuring out how to set some money aside for emergencies is an important skill, but it doesn't come naturally to everyone. Having a little guidance in this area could have made your life a lot easier.

Tell us in the comments what you wish you'd learned about money in school and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.

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