This OnlyFans Model Just Bought A Building To Rescue Homeless Cats, And TikTok Says It's A Slay

    "On my way to save shelter cats."

    One thing about me is I really, really, really love cats. Their sweet little faces? Perfection. The way they curl up in your lap? Heavenly. Sleeping all day and getting up to cause chaos for, like, an hour at a time? Jealous of that lifestyle. Everything I do, I do for them:

    the author's two exceptionally handsome cats

    So, when I came across a TikTok from 38-year-old New York-based model Rachel Anne (@rachelanne2021) sharing that she bought a building to start a cat rescue café thanks in part to her OnlyFans, I was instantly intrigued and had to learn more.

    Rachel holding a black cat standing in front of a Christmas tree

    In the video, she claps back at people who judge her for being on OnlyFans, writing, "'Don't make an OF [OnlyFans] that's embarrassing.' Buys a building to open an animal rescue 🙋🏼‍♀️." And she captioned the clip, "I'm just here to help cats."

    Screenshots from Rachel Anne's TikTok

    And for once, TikTok commenters pretty much all agree on one thing: This is queen behavior, and we love to see it.

    comments saying thank you for your service you dropped this crown queen

    Rachel told BuzzFeed that her love of cats runs deep, and this has been a long-time dream. "I have been volunteering for over nine years and fostering cats and kittens in my house, and it's been my dream to open a cat café. I have visited nine different states across the country and fell in love with the concept of opening a cat café and partnering with a local rescue to save as many homeless cats and kittens as possible."

    nine amazing years of volunteering with a cat rescue to closing on a 4000 square foot building to open one of my own

    She says she didn't always know exactly what she wanted to do in her life, but her work as a volunteer made her realize that all she wants to do is help cats. "I had no idea where I wanted to go with my career, but once I started working with rescues and cats, I knew that this was it for me!"

    little cat in a rescue cage

    And she says that buying the property for her cat café is something she's really proud of. "Closing on my building was one of the proudest moments of my life! I've been saving money for the last 10 years, hoping to buy a building. I am planning on opening upstate New York's first cat café and leasing half of the building to another pet-related business."

    cat hanging out in a cat cafe

    Before she dedicated herself to helping our feline friends, Rachel modeled for some really big names. "I've been modeling for 15 years and was published on the cover of Playboy three times as well as featured in Maxim. I started using OnlyFans at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020."

    what are you most proud of being a foster mom to kittens

    Though she continues to book other modeling jobs for magazines, evening wear, and sports apparel, OnlyFans also really helped her bring her dream of saving cats closer to coming true. And luckily, she says she hasn't had anything too weird happen to her on the platform. "You never know what to expect from a fan, but they're always so creative and generous. I guess I would say I'm fortunate, but I haven't had anything too far outside of the norm."

    cat sitting at a cafe table

    And though the OnlyFans life isn't for everyone, Rachel thinks it's a shame that some people are so judgmental about her choices and make assumptions about her lifestyle. "I am very passionate about fitness and health, a non-drinker, non-smoker, eating clean, passionate vegan, and work out seven days a week."

    juvenile cat sitting on a cat tower

    "I love a platform such as OnlyFans where women can use their beauty and hard work and dedication to their body and appearance to make money for something they're passionate about. No shame in a woman taking beautiful pictures of themselves and using their blessings as a tool to achieve their dreams!"

    Rachel holding a rescue kitten

    You can follow Rachel's cat café journey on TikTok.