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    11 Awkward (But Important) Conversations About Money Every Couple Should Have

    From splitting the bill for dinner to splitting the bill for life.

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    Talking about money can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable. And figuring out how to have a money conversation with someone that you ~like-like~ can take it to a new level of "I have no idea what I'm doing."

    So to get some guidance, I talked to Shelly Ann Eweka, Director of Financial Planning Strategy at the insurance company TIAA, and Tori Dunlap, a millennial money expert and spokesperson, to get some insights into conversations you should have about money in different stages of a relationship.

    Remember, every relationship is different. Some of these things might come up on their own or at an earlier or later time than recommended here. So instead of a checklist, think of this as a general guide to help make your relationship even stronger by getting aligned on your financial goals.

    And if you're thinking about having a money talk with your S.O., set yourself up for success by approaching them in a mellow moment when there aren't distractions around and you'll have time to talk.

    Here are 11 money conversations you should have with your partner:


    1. The "Splitting the Bill" Talk

    2. The "What's Important to You?" Talk

    3. The "Partnership Roles" Talk


    4. The "How Much Do You Make" Talk

    5. The "Credit Score" Talk

    6. The "Splitting Allllll the Bills" Talk

    Couple sitting on the floor of their new home surrounded with boxes

    7. The "Debt" Talk


    8. The "Sharing Finances" Talk

    Couple looking at paperwork and laptop together

    9. The "Money Ground Rules" Talk

    10. The "Worst-Case Scenarios" Talk


    11. The "Check-In" Talk

    Couple sitting on the sofa looking at a laptop together

    Is there anything we missed? Share your tips for talking about money in a relationship below.

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