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Lots Of Couples Fight About Money, So If You've Broken Up Because Of A Financial Issue, Tell Us What Happened

Managing money in relationships is sooo not easy.

It's pretty common for couples to argue about money, so it's not that surprising that sometimes financial issues can break up even the steamiest romances.

So if money has ever been a big factor in a breakup for you, we want to hear your story.

Maybe your ex-spouse hid their credit card debt from you. When you found out they owed more than $30,000 after claiming to be "debt-free," it really hurt your trust in them. You started to wonder what else they might be hiding, so one night you went through their phone and found texts with their affair partner. You broke it off, and you're so glad you saw the money issue as a red flag.

Or perhaps right after you moved in with them, your ex announced they were quitting their job with no backup plan. You wanted to make things work, so you supported them for months while they claimed to be looking for a new job. But after a while, you started to feel like they were just using you for money, so you split.

Or maybe your ex started acting weird after they came into some money. They got a big promotion at work, which came with a large raise, and suddenly it was like you weren't good enough for them anymore. They started criticizing you constantly over the tiniest things that they never would have mentioned before. Eventually, you both agreed it was time to go your separate ways, and you're pretty sure the money going to their head was the reason why.

Tell us how money played a part in your breakup in the comments below or via this anonymous form, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.