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Millennials With Kids, What Are You Doing Differently Than Your Parents?

Things have changed A LOT since we were kids.

As millennials, so many things have changed since we were kids, so it's only natural that the way we approach raising kids of our own is different too.

So if you're a millennial parent, we want to know: how are you raising your kids differently than the way you were raised?

Maybe your parents never really taught you how to deal with big feelings when you were a kid, and instead often told you that you were "just too sensitive." As you've gotten older, you've needed a lot of help to start understanding and processing your feelings. You don't want your kids to struggle the same way, so you're making a point to talk with them about the way they feel and model emotional openness.

Or perhaps your parents put you in too many activities and you felt really overscheduled as a kid. You want your kids to have more free time to play, dream, and explore who they are, so you're resisting the urge to sign them up for everything and prioritizing just one or two sports or hobbies that they really love to do.

Or maybe your parents had a more authoritarian approach to discipline when you were a kid, and it made you feel really resentful when they'd pass down rules without discussion or explanation. You want to avoid making your kids feel this way, so you spend time talking to them and making sure that they understand why the rules in your family are so important.

Tell us what you're doing differently than your parents in the comments below or via this anonymous form, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.