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I'm Genuinely Curious If You Talk About Your Mental Health At Work

Normalize having human emotions.

People have been talking about Simone Biles over her decision to withdraw from some Olympic events due to mental health concerns, and I, for one, applaud her!!

Simone Biles blowing a kiss while watching the Olympics
Jamie Squire / Getty Images

Do what you need to do, Simone! It can't have been an easy choice to make, but it seems like she made the right decision for her team and her own health and safety.

Even though mental health conditions can be absolutely debilitating, talking about your mental health at work is still not as widely accepted or understood as it could be. So I'm very curious to hear about your experiences with talking about your mental health at work.

Maybe you had the unfortunate experience of disclosing your depression to a manager who you *thought* was understanding. But after you let them know about your condition, they treated you differently and micromanaged all of your assignments until you finally quit from frustration.

TV Land / Via

Or perhaps you were really scared to tell your boss how much your anxiety was affecting you during lockdown. But when you finally got up the courage to talk to them about it, they completely understood and offered accommodations that really helped take some of the pressure off.

CBC / Via

Or maybe your workplace isn't very open about mental health, but you've found a coworker you can count on when you're having a tough day. Knowing that someone has your back when you need to take a mental health break can make those tough days feel a little easier.

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Tell us your experiences with talking about mental health at work in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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