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What's Something In A Job Posting That Seems Normal But Is Actually A Red Flag?

"Looking for a rockstar who wears a lot of hats."

When you're job hunting, it can be easy to get hung up on how well you fit (or don't fit) the requirements you see in every posting. But employers need to impress job seekers too, and you can actually get a pretty good read on a company's vibe and values just from reading through a job description.

So when you read through job postings, I'm super curious to know the subtle red flags and enormous dealbreakers that tell you a job is probably going to suck.

Maybe there are some key phrases that you've discovered are usually bad news, such as "we're like a family here" or the dreaded "looking for a rockstar."

Or perhaps you've realized that so-called "entry level" jobs that require about 10 years of experience are actually mid-career roles that only pay like you're still starting out.

Or maybe when you see a listing that emphasizes "fun" perks like a ping pong table and free snacks but *doesn't* mention key benefits like health insurance or a 401(k), it makes you nope right outta there.

Tell me all of your biggest job posting dealbreakers in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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