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Tell Us About The Money-Saving Grocery Hack You Swear By

From meal-prepping to coupon stacking, we want *all* of your grocery store hacks.

Whether you love picking out your provisions for the week or suffer through it out of necessity, one thing holds true: A trip to the grocery store can get pretty pricey pretty darn fast. And even if you're watching your budget, sometimes it can be tough to find ways to cut costs.

So if you've got a hack that helps you save big on groceries, I wanna hear all about it!

Maybe you always buy shelf-stable staples in bulk. It costs more up front, but you end up spending less over time *and* keep your pantry fully stocked.

Or perhaps you have a favorite couponing or cash back app that helps you spot deals and earn rewards. Or you might even be into the art of ~coupon stacking~, wherein you combine coupons and other deals to get the best price every time.

Maybe you've found a trusty grocery delivery service that helps you save some cash without setting foot in a store. Just getting the essentials brought to your door helps you avoid blowing your budget on impulse buys in the checkout line.

Or perhaps you shop based on what's in season. That way, you always pick up the freshest produce at a lower price.

Share your grocery hacks in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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