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If You're A Parent, Tell Us How You're Teaching Your Kids About Money

From spending and saving to investing and credit, we wanna hear how you're teaching it.

For a lot of us, money management feels like a really stressful (and expensive!) guessing game, especially if you didn't get much financial education when you were growing up.

Young dad and child counting cash and using a calculator as part of a financial lesson at home
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But as a parent, you can find ways to teach your kids all the things about money that you wish you'd known sooner, and those lessons can make a huge difference in your child's life.

So if you're a parent, I'm genuinely curious to hear how you're teaching your kids about money.

Maybe once in a while you give your kindergartener a few dollars to pick out a treat at the store so you can help them practice counting money, checking prices, and making a purchase.

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Or perhaps you opened a savings account for your fourth grader so they can practice saving up for a goal like buying a video game that they really want. You take them to the bank to deposit their allowance or birthday money and use these trips to teach them about things like interest and different kinds of bank accounts.

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Or maybe you opened a custodial account for your high schooler so they can learn about investing. Using small amounts of money, you help them buy fractional shares in some of their favorite brands so they can watch how their stocks perform and learn about the market.

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Or perhaps you're talking with your college-aged kid about their first student credit card and how to use it responsibly. While you know that they still might make mistakes, you want to make sure they know up front how credit card use can lead to debt and effect their credit scores.

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Share how you're teaching your kids about money in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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