"Did We Get Rid Of The Pride Flag?": This Arizona Realtor's HOA Just Got Served A Big, Tall Glass Of Petty Revenge

    "At this time, no one on the HOA board of directors has made mention of our new and improved flag/flagpole. We have had multiple neighbors make mention of it, though..."

    HOAs, or homeowners associations, are supposed to protect a neighborhood's property values by maintaining agreed-upon community standards. But unfortunately, some HOAs spiral into control freak behavior, causing residents endless drama and annoyances.

    Well, recently, Arizona-based Realtors Jared and Tim Deluca found themselves on the receiving end of some HOA nonsense, all because of a pride flag hanging on the back of their house.

    Selfie of Jared and Tim smiling in front of a house

    Jared (@jdeluca.realtor) shared their response to the HOA in a TikTok that's been viewed over 2 million times. In the video, he asks, "But did we get rid of the pride flag?" Then he cuts to reveal that in response to the HOA fining them for the way their flag was hung, the couple installed a flagpole in their yard and are now flying an even bigger Pride flag.


    The HOA fined us for how our pride flag was hung 🏳️‍🌈… But we don’t back down… We just go bigger 😉… #fyp #tiktok #lgbt #viral #prideflag #equality #activist #hoa #dancewithturbotax #DanceWithTurboTax

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    In the comments, people are absolutely loving this petty revenge.

    Comment: "Love it! Pettiness next to Godliness"

    And some folks are suggesting the Delucas should go over their HOA bylaws with a fine-tooth comb to find even more opportunities for pettiness.

    "I'd love to read their bylaws to see what other malicious compliance can be done"

    There are even nearby neighbors expressing their support for the Delucas to keep flying their flag.

    "I live near you and I'm glad it's still flying high!!!" with a pride flag

    In an earlier video, Jared breaks down the HOA saga, revealing that they were first cited for having the flag hung on the back wall of their house, with the HOA calling it "an unapproved change to the property." So they moved it to a pergola in their yard and were cited again.


    First official fine from our HOA for our pride flag 🏳️‍🌈… #fyp #lgbt #tiktok #viral #hoa #pride #prideflag #fine

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    Jared told BuzzFeed that the HOA has been citing the couple over their pride flag since early January, and it doesn't appear to be enforcing the flag-hanging rule fairly. "We have seen multiple examples within our community of 151 homes where the design guidelines are not being followed with the American flag, or various versions thereof. While we do not have proof that those other homeowners aren't being cited, the fact that their flags remain leads us to believe that design guidelines are not being enforced with those properties."

    A man hanging a pride and US flag with the caption, "And yes, the flagpole adheres to design guidelines"

    He went on: "We also feel that we are being unfairly targeted, not just because of what our flag is but also over the fact that we are one of the most publicly visible homes in the entire community, as we are right next to the main community entrance, and back up to one of the most heavily traveled roads in our town."

    The US and pride flags flying with the caption, "So fine this" with a kiss face emoji

    Jared also shared that he hasn't heard anything from the HOA about the new flag — yet — but so far, his neighbors have been loving it. "At this time, no one on the HOA board of directors has made mention of our new and improved flag/flagpole. We have had multiple neighbors make mention of it, though. All of which have (fortunately) been supportive."

    And to all those folks out there who keep on saying, "Just don't buy in an HOA," Jared explained that in his location, it's extremely difficult to find a home that doesn't come with one of these groups. "As a Realtor, especially in the area where we reside, I often see that buying a home within an HOA community is almost unavoidable. Also, the area where we live has been booming for some time, with explosive new build growth."

    Aerial view of a new suburban neighborhood

    He continued, "While HOAs exist to serve a valid purpose, their lack of regulation often becomes a source of contention amongst homeowners, who feel they are paying large sums of money in exchange for minimal return and representation. This is further exacerbated by HOAs' enlisting the resources of large property management companies that are perceived as incompetent and corrupt. It's a double-edged sword because many people appreciate the aesthetic of an HOA community while also resenting the existence of an HOA board and property management company."

    Jared also said, "My advice to readers? DO YOUR RESEARCH to the fullest extent possible. Understand that, at least in Arizona, HOAs hold a great deal of unregulated authority. Be willing to educate yourself and be involved. Set proper expectations for yourself to avoid future frustration."

    person reading HOA rules

    He added, "Most importantly, do everything within your power to get your hands on a copy of a community's HOA governing documents WITHIN YOUR DUE DILIGENCE PERIOD (inspection period), and read those documents in their entirety. You may find something unexpected that could've been your 'make or break' factor in proceeding with a home purchase, and if you discover this outside of your due diligence/inspection period, it may be too late to walk away from the transaction without risking your earnest money."

    Finally, he gave a passionate defense of his pride flag and everything it stands for. "The display of a flag is protected under the First Amendment as a form of freedom of speech, and I find it appalling that the state of Arizona specifies which flags are protected, while simultaneously appearing to negate freedom of speech by flying certain flags, such as the pride flag and others that promote a positive and uplifting message. I am also disappointed that legislation (SB 1034) that could help preserve our right to display our pride flag continues to be struck down," Jared said.

    A pride flag hanging outside a house

    "I continuously receive criticism from closed-minded people, asking why we feel the need to 'advertise' our sexuality or what goes on in our bedroom. I have repeatedly voiced my response to this over social media: that our display of the pride flag is NOT an advertisement of what goes on in the intimacy of our marriage. The display of that flag is a message of love, acceptance, equality, and inclusion," he explained.

    "It is a reminder to others who may desperately need to see it that they are not alone, that we are a safe space. This is extremely important in highly conservative communities like Queen Creek, Arizona, where bigotry and intolerance has been given an enabling 'free pass' for far too long. Queen Creek is far more loving and affirming than people realize, but I am often told that these loving and affirming people are the 'silent majority.'"

    People waving flags on a pride float in New York City

    He continued, "That couldn't be more true because the 'vocal minority' that is clinging to their antiquated ideology with a death grip has been allowed to bully their way through control of this area for far too long. It has to stop, and I am determined to scream louder than anyone else if it means facilitating positive change."

    At a time when LGBTQ rights are under attack, a simple symbol like a flag can mean a lot. I hope the Delucas continue flying their pride flag for all who need to see it, and that the "silent majority" Jared mentioned will get loud in support of their right to do so.

    Person holding a pride flag in front of the US Supreme Court building