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    People Are Talking About Terrible "Motivational Prizes" At Work After This Person "Won" A 10-Minute Break

    "I left my job shortly after receiving this prize for my good work."

    Getting a special gift as a thank you for a job well done can be really nice, especially if it comes in the form of a nice chunk of cash or an extra day or two off. However, sometimes you might think you have a big bonus check coming only to wind up as a member of the 'jelly of the month' club. Or, you were promised a "waffle party," and then whatever this is happened:

    Well, recently on Reddit, u/no-satisfaction-749 shared a rather disappointing "prize" they "won" at work, writing, "I left my job shortly after receiving this prize for my good work." And I gotta say, I understand why:

    you won an extra 10 minute break give at least a 24 hour notice do not have to pick the same day cannot be added to your regular breaks expires within 30 days choose wisely

    In a comment, the poster added, "This was actually the last straw for several of my coworkers. We all had college degrees from good, well-accredited universities and were being treated like children. Everyone left, lol. Wonder how this company is doing now 😂 (it was a law firm)."

    This sad attempt at employee motivation has also made its way to Twitter where it's stirring up lots of conversation.

    Twitter: @fuckyouiquit

    And in response, people have been pointing out all the reasons why this "reward" is, in fact, incredibly demoralizing. For starters, why do they need 24 hours notice for a 10-minute break???

    @fuckyouiquit Just imagine this conversation. "Yeah I'd like to take 2:00-2:10 off tomorrow"

    Twitter: @knobwobble

    Based on the vibe I'm picking up from this company, it's probably going to be more work to schedule this break than the break itself is even worth.

    The expiration date is a particularly ridiculous touch.

    "Bruh, how does an imaginary prize have an expiration? That’s just…insulting."


    Not to mention the fact that in most offices, you can just go to the bathroom for 10 minutes without the hassle of all of these shenanigans.

    a gender neutral bathroom

    So many rules for such a short little break.

    "How much more demeaning can they get? 'Here's a coupon for a pat on the back and a go-gettem-tiger. Redeemable only on the third Wednesday of the month if there is a full moon.'"


    It's definitely not the kind of thing that would make most people feel valued.

    @fuckyouiquit In the next interview I had, when they ask why I left my previous job, I’d just slide this across the table.

    Twitter: @NegativeTypo

    All in all, this feels like something from an episode of The Office (and even on TV, this would backfire).

    Additionally, people are sharing their own stories about getting not-so-great "rewards" from their employers, like this bait and switch prize.

    "My girlfriend at the time worked with me in the same department, same position. She won employee of the year. Got, like, $1k of swag. Two weeks vacation. Crystal statue. Nationwide recognition.

    The following year, I won it. I was given a $50 check. A hard hat with coupons for fast-food joints, and a printed certificate, during our local Christmas party while they were announcing raffle prizes."


    And this puzzling opportunity to be the only one in the office wearing jeans.

    Some people got similar "treats" as literal children.

    "This is exactly like the free No Homework passes I got in fifth grade, except somehow more restrictive."


    And one person actually got the same reward, but due to all the many rules and restrictions, they were never even able to use it.

    @fuckyouiquit Literally received this same reward at a previous position. The conditions made it unusable and we were denied every time we tried. Empty gestures.

    Twitter: @spiralmoon77

    In conclusion, I side with this commenter:

    "'No one wants to work anymore.' —Employer who makes you request a 10-minute break a day in advance."


    Have you ever gotten a terrible "prize" like this at work? Tell me all about it in the comments.