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Tell Us The Money Questions You're Kinda Embarrassed To Ask And We'll Get Answers From The Pros

Why oh why doesn't my health insurance cover my mouth bones...

Have you ever had a question about money that you were sort of embarrassed or afraid to ask?

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I used to be so nervous to ask money questions because I assumed that other people knew sooooo much more than me. And I was sure they'd think I was a total weirdo for not understanding something so "obvious" to them.

But the truth is nobody's born knowing everything about money. We all have to learn somehow, and asking questions is a really great way to start. 

So if you have a question about anything related to making money or managing money, tell us all about it! Then, we'll reach out to experts and settle these Q's once and for all. Phew.

Maybe you're wondering how long you should stick with a job before looking for new opportunities. On the one hand, you don't want to look flighty on your résumé, but on the other, you can earn more by moving around. But when should you do it?

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Or perhaps you've always been perplexed by calculating tip amounts. Doing math on the fly can be tricky, and you'd love some pointers on how to get it right.

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Or maybe you've never made a budget before and you're not sure where or how to even start. It all seems so complicated and overwhelming that you can't seem to begin.

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Share your slightly awkward money questions in the comments and they might be answered in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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