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How Much Did It Cost You Just To Give Birth To A Baby In America?

Spoiler alert: it's NOT cheap.

Not to be a giant bummer, but life in America is getting less and less affordable. It's one of the biggest reasons why young people are choosing more and more to remain childfree.

Woman in pain during childbirth

And as a leaked Supreme Court draft that could overturn Roe v. Wade is spreading, people are talking about how much they've paid just to have a baby in America. Not including things like feeding, clothing, caring for, and sheltering the baby. Just the costs of getting them here.

On Tuesday my mid child will be 6.5 years old. I will be exactly 6 months away from paying off my 20% portion of her $1.2mil birth. We can't be deciding as a country to force carrying pregnancies when we wont provide insurance that covers the cost.

Twitter: @Theresa_Chapple

So we want to hear from you. How much did it cost you to give birth? Were any of the charges particularly ridiculous, like being billed for "skin-to-skin contact"? How long will it take you to pay that bill off? What, if anything, did your insurance cover? And how has this financial burden affected your overall quality of life?

Young mom holding a newborn baby

Tell us in the comments below or via this anonymous form how much you paid out of pocket just to give birth in America and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.