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    10 Common Money Mistakes You Might Be Making Without Even Realizing

    Plus ways to save on groceries, prescriptions, and more.

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    How you manage your money is so important, but it can also get kinda overwhelming. There's a lot to keep track of, and sometimes it's hard to tell if your money habits are ~healthy~ or not.

    Here are 10 common money mistakes that could be secretly sabotaging your bank account — plus some great ways to avoid making them.

    1. Spending without a plan.

    2. Not budgeting because your income fluctuates month to month.

    Young woman using a laptop at home

    3. Going overboard on "buy now, pay later" purchases.

    4. Grocery shopping without a list can be an especially big money drain.

    5. Paying too much for prescription drugs can take a big bite out of your cash flow.

    Patient popping pills out of a blister pack

    6. Not taking full advantage of your health insurance benefits.

    7. Not putting away some savings every month could be setting yourself up for future debt.

    Jars of coins labeled with the savings categories: retirement, house, vacation, and savings

    8. Spending too much on monthly bills that seem like they're set in stone — but are actually negotiable.

    9. Thinking you have to tough out hard times on your own.

    10. Not making room in your budget for fun.

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