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    23 Incredibly Out-Of-Touch Things That Rich People Actually Said Out Loud To Other Human Beings

    "Oh, you get seasonal depression? Why don’t you just go to the Caribbean?"

    Oh, rich people. Some of us want to be them, and some of us want to eat them. But however you feel about wealth, you may have noticed that rich people sometimes say the darndest things. So when u/justdadthanks asked Redditors to share the most infuriatingly clueless things rich people have said to them, stories came pouring in. Here are some of the top comments:

    1. "'Prices are going to increase anyway, so there’s no need to complain, just pay for them,' regarding increasing gas and food prices. As someone who only has $30 left in between paychecks, that $1-5 increase on everyday items makes a difference."

    2. "I used to work for a family who were private-plane-rich. As in they literally owned a Challenger, and the husband used it so often for work that they had a full-time pilot and flight attendant on staff, and it functioned basically like a car for him. He had offices around the country. I was their household manager. When the wife told me about it, because I was traveling with them for work for the first time, she said, 'I feel really weird about it, but I just have to remember that my husband is 10 years older than me, and he’s just in the phase of life where he needs a plane.'"


    3. "'People like bin men and garbage collectors are needed in society. But why should they have more money for doing such a task.' My jaw hit the floor."


    4. "My wealthy conservative family on my dad's side was whining a few months ago about nobody wanting to work because of 'all the stimulus money.' What money??? The $1,200 we got, like, two years ago? How long do you think normal people can stretch out $1,200? It was probably in most people's bank accounts for .02 seconds before it paid a bill or two. For us, it was exactly one month of rent."

    person opening their stimulus check

    5. "I heard this during the coronavirus lockdown, which basically meant solitary confinement for everyone who lives in an urban, car-free apartment area. 'I don't get why a general lockdown is such a bad thing. I take my family, drive to Croatia, and have a vacation on my boat.'"


    6. "'Couldn't you just renovate your suite and do the repairs yourself, out of the kindness in your heart?' When I told my rich aunt that my ceiling caved in on my rental unit. You know, because I have money to renovate my landlord's house, a house I don't own."


    7. "In our college friend group, one woman in particular has become wealthy over the years, wealthy enough to fly NetJets and maintain a townhouse in NYC as a pied-á-terre. The rest of us are just hoping we can one day retire. To her credit, she makes efforts to stay in touch. When she's in town, she always organizes a dinner, and the rest of us are always happy to see her. At the last dinner, we were talking about how difficult it was to buy a car post-pandemic. She said, 'In our world, nobody can buy a boat.' The rest of us made a lot of eye contact over that one."

    8. "My husband's stepmom told us she’s thinking about retiring. She’s been a stay-at-home wife/mom for the last 30 years. She lives a very luxurious lifestyle with multiple vacation homes. What is she retiring from?"


    9. "A friend was texting me when we were both in college and on winter break. His family was in Aspen for three weeks skiing. I said that sounded really fun, and he asked me to come out. I said I couldn't afford that, and he said, 'Just have your parents pay for it.' I thought he was joking, but he was not. He learned a lot about how the other half lives that day. At least, I hope he learned something."


    10. "During my college days, I ran into my then-roommate on my way home from work. She was obviously really annoyed about something, so I asked her what was up. Her words: 'You’re so lucky you have a job and can just make money. I have to wait for my parents to give me money, and it’s so annoying.' I was like, 'Yeah, that sounds really hard…?!!!!'"

    11. "This was right before the pandemic began, and we were seeing a spike in Bitcoin's worth. Not only could I not afford a whole coin, I'm an immigrant who just entered the workforce, so I didn't even have my own credit card. This friend of mine just casually went, 'Oh yeah! I don't know how to use it, so my dad got me, like, two coins, I think, to play around with,' in a very matter-of-fact tone. Then she goes, 'Why not just ask your dad to get you a few coins? It's really fun!' Each coin was worth $22.5k that day, I remember it vividly."


    12. "The wealthiest person I know said, 'Oh, you get seasonal depression? Why don’t you just go to the Caribbean for a week and the Mediterranean the next? It always helps me.'"


    13. "He said that his wealth didn't change his medical care. Uh...yes it did. He could afford the same operation that I need and can't afford. I'm sure the procedure is the same. Access to it is not."

    stethoscope sitting on an exorbitant medical bill

    14. "My parents are very well off and live in Texas. When the huge freeze hit their home and they lost power, they quickly booked a week-long vacation to Honduras to wait it out. Ever since, they've made a bunch of dumb comments along the lines of, 'Why doesn't everyone just keep a vacation fund so they can leave Texas when hurricanes and blizzards hit? We all know they're coming; most people just refuse to save money and want everyone else to come save them.' I don't talk to those ghouls any more than I have to these days."


    15. "I lived with a wealthy church lady when I was between apartments. At the time, one of my internet friends was homeless, also going from place to place. We were good emotional support for each other and spent a lot of time talking. The woman told me I should focus more of my attention on people who could 'build me up instead of keep me down,' people who 'weren't stuck in the poverty mindset.'"


    16. "When I was in grad school, I was commiserating with one of my classmates about our financial woes. Another student sitting near us who came back to school in her 50s after being a wealthy housewife for a couple decades overheard us and said, 'You know, I always tell my’s just money. Don’t stress. It’s just money.'"

    17. "A friend's mom at a party said, 'You know, after six weeks in our Tuscan villa, you honestly get bored of having people wait on you all day. I was so ready to just pick up my own dish and wash it.' Like, uh huh. Life must be so hard."


    18. "I was talking to a friend once about the fact I was saving hard because I wanted to make sure I would always be financially independent after I had been through a relationship breakdown. She was a casual contract academic and her husband an investment banker, but she told me she didn't have any savings of her own as her income was spending money for luxuries, essentially. I didn't think much of it, but the next day she texted me.

    "She said she'd discussed it with her husband and he'd transferred her £100k into a bank account in her own name. I was happy for her in a way, but also, I had just worked my ass off for two years to save one fifth of that and you just go home and your husband sends you a huuuuuge amount of cash just because? I just didn't need to be told that, you know. It sat really weirdly with me."


    19. "My mother has become very wealthy and out of touch. She's made lucky investments but doesn't share her wealth at all. So when I couldn't qualify for a student loan or get financial aid, she was furious that I had to give up on my big college dreams. 'I paid for college with a part-time waitress job after class. Just do that!' Her university was $2,500 a year back in the '70s! The older generations getting annoyed at the younger generations for wanting college debt forgiveness have no fucking idea what college debt looks like now. All this 'just pay it off like I did' bullshit is absolute ignorance."

    20. "Oh man, my roommates and I were going out for dinner (burgers, nothing fancy), and I was driving us. I mentioned I couldn’t do something one of them wanted to do later that week because I couldn’t afford it. I was, like, 22, working two part-time jobs, pretty broke. She told me she hated it when people said they couldn’t afford to do things because they just spent the money on something else and could spend it on that if they really wanted to. I was like, well I spent it on my car insurance for this month? And she doubled down and insisted that I HAD the money but I was prioritizing something else (yes, my car insurance). Very awkward conversation!"


    21. "A year after college, I was trying to get to know a new coworker. She was talking about all of the trips she’s taken and the places she’s been. When she asked where I had traveled, I said that I’ve never been out of the USA, and that I don’t even have a passport. She looked at me incredulously and said something about how I should travel because it broadens the mind (ironic considering how close-minded she was about poverty in the US). She then said I should really get my passport because then opportunities to travel would just pop up. Sure, I make $24k a year, so not having a passport is the only thing preventing me from traveling. I just blankly stared at her until someone changed the subject."


    22. "My coworker who is head of the office’s payroll made an error, and no one’s paycheck was deposited on time. He said, 'I got quite a few angry/concerned emails first thing this morning, I was shocked. Do people really notice this kind of thing so fast?!' I replied, 'Uh….yes…? You do realize that most of the world, including 90% of the people who work here, live paycheck to paycheck, right?' Coworker: 'Ooooh, no way, I had no idea. I feel bad now.' He was genuinely shocked."

    person looking in an empty wallet

    23. And finally, "She acted like the pandemic was so horrible for her when she lives on a massive property, is a stay-at-home-mom, and her husband's business wasn't affected at all, and she continued to travel frequently the whole time. Her husband complained about how the stimulus payments were unnecessary."


    Can you relate? Tell us in the comments about the cringey thing a rich person said to you that was just so out-of-touch.