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People Who Have Changed Careers, Tell Us About Your Journey

Your career path doesn't have to be a straight line.

Choosing a major or starting your career can be a pretty stressful time — especially when you think that you'll be bound by the choices you make now for the rest of your life. I was super worried about making the right choices back then, but now that I'm in my thirties, I've realized that things aren't so cut and dry. It's absolutely possible (and totally fine!) to wind up working in a field that has absolutely nothing to do with what you went to school for.

So if you have a career that's totally different from what you majored in, I want to hear from you!

Maybe you went to school to become an accountant, but once you got your first job after college, you realized that you really want a creative career. So you took some night classes and online courses, spent a few years building your portfolio, and now you're a freelance artist.

Or perhaps you majored in a foreign language and originally planned to get a job for just a few years to save up to get a teaching credential. But on your off hours, you took a pole-dancing fitness class and absolutely fell in love with it. So you got certified, and now you're a pole-dancing teacher.

Or maybe you went to college because you felt like you were "supposed to," and then you realized that office jobs just don't do it for you. But you worked in restaurants all through school and loved it, and now you own your own restaurant.

Share all the twists and turns in your career path in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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