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Tell Us About Your Worst Experience With A Bully At Work

Sadly, some folks never grow out of being bullies.

You might think that when your school days end and you enter the workforce, you won't have to deal with bullies anymore, but unfortunately, that's often not the case. In a survey this year, 30% of American adults reported that they'd experienced workplace bullying, and another 19% said they'd witnessed bullying taking place.

Coworkers laughing meanly at a man while he covers his ears

So if you've ever dealt with a bully at work, we want to hear your stories.

Maybe a coworker who was definitely not your boss took it upon themself to start micromanaging your every move. It started innocently enough with a few comments here and there about how you could improve your work, but soon they also started critiquing your appearance, what you eat for lunch, and even the way you speak. But because they were careful to act nice around other people, nobody believed you when you tried to tell them how bad it was.

Or perhaps you had a boss who thrived on gossip and was always telling you really personal details about coworkers. It made you feel uncomfortable, and you wondered if they talked about you to others too. When you finally had enough and asked them to stop telling you this stuff, they retaliated by spreading nasty rumors about you to anyone who would listen. People started treating you differently, and eventually you quit because of it.

Or maybe you had a coworker who liked making "jokes" at your expense. After a particularly hurtful remark, you took them aside and asked them to please be more sensitive and stop treating you this way. But they just rolled their eyes, said you need to toughen up, and kept right on picking on you for laughs.

Tell us about your worst workplace bully in the comments below or via this anonymous Google form, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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