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    11 Negotiating Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Ask For A Raise While Working From Home

    Get paid what you're worth, no matter where you work.

    Remote work comes with perks, like cutting out commutes and spending the day in comfy pants, but it also has its challenges, like less interactions with coworkers and management. So after more than a year without IRL face time with the boss, many remote workers may be feeling more nervous than usual about their prospects for negotiating a raise.

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    Asking for more cash can be intimidating, even during "normal" times. So to get some tips on negotiating a raise from home (or wherever your remote office is), I talked to Andrew Hunter, co-founder of the job search engine Adzuna.

    1. First, if you're feeling extra shy about negotiating from home, acknowledge those feelings — but don't let them control you.

    2. Before you even start to ask for a raise, get in the habit of tooting your own horn a little bit to make sure your work doesn't go unnoticed.

    3. And do your best to stay on top of communication during your regular working hours.

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    4. If you have the bandwidth for it, consider volunteering to take on any extra tasks that need doing.

    5. Similarly, consider taking advantage of any opportunities your employer might present you with to grow your skills and keep learning.

    6. Make sure that you're really ready to ask for a raise based on how long you've been in your role and considering recent feedback on your performance.

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    7. If you're feeling like you're in a good place to negotiate, do some research to see what market rates are in your area.

    8. When you're ready to have the talk, Hunter says, "A face-to-face conversation is always best, even if it’s via Zoom."

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    9. Make some notes about your achievements and salary expectations, and keep them close by during your negotiation.

    10. During the conversation, avoid mentioning any coworkers' salaries. Instead, keep the negotiation focused on your skills, accomplishments, and growth.

    11. Finally, talking about your long-term future shows that you don't have to be physically present in the office to be committed to your role.

    Have you negotiated for a raise while working remotely? Share your best tips for getting more money in the comments!

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