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    20 Reasons You Should Drop Everything And Go To Switzerland

    Aside from the chocolate, of course.

    1. Paradise comes in the form of lakeside towns and beautiful mountains, sometimes in the same place.

    2. Gruyère is both a cheese and a town.

    3. You're surrounded by colorful buildings.

    4. Winter has never looked so inviting.

    5. There are towns that look like this...

    6. ...and towns that are bursting with color.

    7. There are dreamy lakeside castles...

    8. ...and castles resting on hilltops.

    9. There is no shortage of incredible architecture.

    10. The sights are just as breathtaking at night.

    11. Nature? Yeah, Switzerland has that too.

    12. You can visit the largest plain waterfall in Europe at Rhine Falls.

    13. You can stay at the Hotel Belvedere, conveniently located next to the Rhone Glacier.

    14. The Matterhorn is one of the highest summits in Europe.

    15. Walking in the Swiss Alps is a dream.

    16. Seriously, it's a dream.

    17. You can swim in crystal-clear lakes.

    18. The mountains make a perfect spot for a picnic.

    19. Everything looks like a postcard.

    20. And when the day is done, the sunsets are truly magnificent.