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    13 Sweet Ways To Cook With Lavender This Spring

    It tastes as good as it smells.

    1. Lavender Cupcakes

    Oh Sweet Day / Via

    Recipe here.

    2. Honey Lavender Macarons

    Hint of Vanilla / Via

    Recipe here.

    3. Lavender Lemonade

    Sunday Suppers / Via

    Recipe here.

    4. Layered Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Lavender Panna Cotta

    Camille Styles / Via

    Recipe here.

    5. Lavender-Honey Iced Latte

    Offbeat and Inspirted / Via

    Recipe here.

    6. Dark Chocolate Cake with Lavender Ganache

    Adventures In Cooking / Via

    Recipe here.

    7. Lavender Whoopie Pies

    Cooking Classy / Via

    Recipe here.

    8. Salted Honey Lavender Caramels

    Snixy Kitchen / Via

    Recipe here.

    9. Lemon-Lavender Blackberry & Ricotta Grilled Cheese

    Keep In It Kind / Via

    Recipe here.

    10. French Almond Cake with Lemon Lavender Glaze

    Daring Gourmet / Via

    Recipe here.

    11. Lavender Berry Mousse

    Kitchen Love Stories / Via

    Recipe here.

    12. Lavender Shortbread

    Mountain Mama Cooks / Via

    Recipe here.

    13. Peach Lavender Ice Cream

    Tartelette / Via

    Recipe here.

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