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    You're Going To Want To Eat Off The Kids Menu At This Restaurant

    Kids and adults everywhere listen up! When was the last time you actually wanted to eat off the kids menu? I bet the options were standard chicken strips, macaroni and cheese, and maybe a burger, right? Well we just found a restaurant serving up meals made for kids, by kids, and adults are going to want to eat off it the kids menu too!

    Where is this new menu at?

    Great Wolf Lodge

    This new kids menu, created by kids on the new Junior Chef's Council can only be found Great Wolf Lodge's with a full service restaurant across the country! So not only are you getting a super fun vacation, you're getting great food as well. Great Wolf Lodge already has incredible dining options and now they've brought in some amazing kid chefs to add new culinary inspiration to their menu.

    What's on the menu there?

    Great Wolf Lodge

    The menu is filled with old favorites done in a new and inventive way!

    Macaroni and cheese is turned into macaroni and cheese pancakes with braised short ribs. The cheese, gooey, macaroni is put on a flattop grill where the outside gets a crispy crust. Master Chef Junior winner Logan Guleff hit a home run with this one!

    If you've ever wondered if there's anything that isn't good as a waffle, you've had the same idea as Gavin Cora-Ehrlich! His waffle grilled cheese is made with Gruyére cheese and maple brown sugar bacon. Guests can also opt for a classic grilled cheese to be waffled!

    Jonas Cora-Ehrlich’s pizza burger with fresh mozzarella, basil, pepperoni, parmesan crisp and marinara sauce is the perfect way to make the traditional a little more special! Everything on this burger goes so well together, and you (or your kiddos) are going to want this every night!

    If chicken is what you're wanting, Madeline and Anna Zakarian created some delicious chicken kabobs that are marinated in a sweet maple infused barbecue sauce and grilled to perfection. The chicken is sweet, a little tangy, and definitely kid-friendly!

    For something a little healthier, but still wonderfully delicious, green spaghetti and chicken meatballs created by Master Chef Junior winner Jasmine Stewart is amazing! Zucchini noodles and angel hair pasta topped are with meatballs inspired by fellow Master Chef Junior winner, Logan Guleff!

    What about dessert?

    Great Wolf Lodge

    Dessert is always the best part of a meal, and the Junior Chef's Council for Great Wolf Lodge created two brand new desserts for the menu!

    First up is peppermint s'mores, which was created by Madeline and Anna Zakarian. Think of your traditional s'mores, then put it into a small cast iron skillet and it turns into a s'mores dip! That's what this dessert is like. The added peppermint candy is the perfect addition to break through the richness of the chocolate and marshmallows.

    The other option for dessert is to build your own parfait, which was created by Conrad and Jed Elliot. Yogurt can be topped with chocolate chips, granola, and seasonal berries for a fun interactive dessert!

    You said kids created this?

    Great Wolf Lodge

    Kids created all of these menu items! The Junior Chef's Council members are incredibly talented young chefs!

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