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    12 Reasons Why You Should Probably Do The National Student Survey

    Just go and do it already

    1. Because you’re in your final year of university


    (If you’re not, you should probs leave, soz)

    2. You have something worth saying.


    You do! Trust us! We’re sure!

    3. The results help prospective students pick a course/university.


    That makes you a pretty nice person.

    4. You can commend the good aspects of your uni experience.



    5. … and you can bad-mouth things you’ve hated about uni.


    ...just being honest.

    6. It’s actually quite important.


    It genuinely impacts the life of students on your course and at your university after you’ve left.

    7. You can be a part of a bigger process of student feedback.


    7 out of 10 final year students completed the survey in 2014.

    8. It’s not even long.


    A mere 23 simple core questions.

    9. It’ll probably* be the easiest survey you’ll fill out during your degree.


    *dependent on your degree. Ho ho ho.

    10. It will distract you from that essay/reading/coursework for just a little while longer.

    11. ...and it literally takes 5 minutes.


    You’ve wasted almost as much time (well… ) scrolling through this list. JUST GO AND DO IT.

    12. Bet you’re feeling pretty proud of yourself now, eh?