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    I Transformed My Apartment After Beating Cancer!

    If you're looking for *~satisfying timelapses~* you've come to the right article.


    This is in-part due to me being an Aries, and also in-part to beating colon cancer in 2018! If you wanted to see that whole journey you can watch this:

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    But that's not exactly why you're here.

    I finished chemotherapy one year ago, and have been slowly regaining my strength ever since. This past August a lot of stuff happened. My then-boyfriend moved to Seattle to pursue a new career (love that for him, we're still super cool ๐Ÿ˜Š), and I was finally fully healthy enough to refocus on myself and my career; for the first time since my diagnosis, I found myself living alone in this apartment where it all *went down.*

    I decided it was time to make my space match my new self and my new LIFE!

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    I had 3 main goals:

    1. Total bedroom redo

    2. Redo living room/ kitchen area *~vibes~*

    3. Remove/ replace tons of wall art

    First thing was first: SHOPPING

    I brought my only friend who would be able to keep up with my shopping-stamina along for the ride: Mallery. We went to a menagerie of locations, none of which I'm legally able to name hehe

    We got blankets. We got sheets. We got bean bags. Pillows. Stools. Art.

    We shopped for four hours. Little did I know, that'd be the first of four or five shopping sprees...

    When we got home with the loot, my Aries Chaos took over and we became delusional with the thought that we were going to finish this entire makeover within the evening.

    We were wrong.

    But we has a great time moving things around and setting the tone for what would eventually be the End Product.

    Nighttime of that first day had come and gone, and I learned two things:

    1. This was going to take more than one day.

    2. The new foundation I was trying was INCREDIBLE and didn't budge after hours of shopping in L.A. Summer heat and sweaty, excited moving (Not-sponsored, it was Il Mikiage. Awesome).

    Finally it was time to paint! IDK if I'm technically *allowed* to paint in my apartment but I figured when I move out I'll paint it back and cross my fingers I don't get evicted in the meantime.

    Silver Storm for my living room, and Playful Plum for my bedroom. They both felt warm and cozy and like I could stare at them for the foreseeable future.

    I enlisted the help of my *friend* Duke!

    Truly he's just my friend. Yes, guys and girls can be friends. No, one of us is not secretly in love with the other. I promise. Everyone relax.

    Duke helped paint my living room and I painted my bedroom wall all on my own, with only The Office to keep me company.

    Next was a series of very satisfying shots that you may want to pop into the video to truly appreciate.

    Filling in small paint holes and removing painters tape from the base boards. Ahhhhhh so satisfying.

    After some bathroom re-org and final touches, it was all compete!

    Here's the living room/ kitchen before & after!

    Via http://
    Via http://
    Via http://

    The rug was provided by Wayfair; it's super affordable as far as giant rugs go! The quality is wonderful; it's soft and plush and fit into the color scheme perfect.

    The couch pillows and blankie were provided by AllModern. They're all really great quality and budget-friendly. The pillows are so big and plush and make my living room Cozy Town.

    Look at that beautiful gallery wall ๐Ÿ˜ญ I put that ish up myself! I'm a star!!

    Art is from Society6.

    My bedroom BEFORE was...bad.

    Like... that's bad, right?

    But AFTER. Wow. This place became my sanctuary.

    Every corner screams "Megan." It feels safe in there.

    My splendid little makeup corner๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

    Finally: My simple bathroom transformation.

    I cleaned, reorganized, changed the shower curtain, and hung art from Society6. And now my Shower Thoughts are ultra-inspired.

    I'm obsessed with the whole transformation, and felt like the whole cycle of cancer really closed out with this makeover. I said "thank you" and "goodbye" to objects and memories that no longer served me, and welcomed a new space to suit an exciting, healthy chapter :)